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Sandwich Platter  R380  (Platter 1)

Cheddar Cheese and Tomato

Chicken Mayonnaise


Egg Mayonnaise


Garnished with cocktail tomatoes

Sausage and cheese platter        R400  (Platter 2)

Salami, cocktail cheese grillers, Russians, Mozzarella in pesto, Cheddar cheese. Cocktail Sausages

Jalapenos stuffed with feta.

Olives and cocktail gherkins

Served with a honey-mustard sauce.

Cheese Platter   R430  (Platter 3)

Blue Cheese
Brie and Camembert
Cheese straws
Cheese biscuits
Cheese puffs

Kebabs & Balls         R395  (Platter 4)
Mini Quiches
Spinach and Feta pockets
Sausage rolls
Meat balls
Stuffed Eggs

Pictures are provided as examples only, platter may change if produce is not available.  10 people can be served from a platter.  Print this page


Kebabs, Ribs, Chicken et al         R400  Platter 5
Beef,and chicken kebabs
Chicken drums sticks
Spare ribs
Served with a BBQ Sauce